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In 2012, Eva Schneider received her Bachelor of Fine Art and Design degree from

the University of Alberta, with an emphasis on printmaking. In 2014 she completed

a year long residency with SNAP Gallery and the resulting work was shown at the

gallery in a solo exhibit titled, "City in a Waffle Iron".

In her artistic practice, Eva enjoys reflecting on environmental and social issues.

Eva was born in Edmonton and has observed the City's changing visual landscape.

Through printmaking and inter-media, Eva is exploring  visual interpretations of

Edmonton's social, psychological and environmental divides. In the past she has used

printmaking techniques such as silkscreen and copper etching. Recently, she has started

incorporating a sculptural element into her practice. 

View her website here !

Meet Our Instructors!

Hannah recieved her BFA in Art History and has since been working on creating 

fun and fabulous embroidered pins. Featured on Vue Weeklyand Prairie Seen

her work has been shown at The Drawing Room and her writing has been

published in GUTS magazine. Love her work? She often sells her handcrafted

emborideries at craft fairs. 

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team building