team building


Kurt is a flame throwing performer extrodinaire! Although he won't be doing any fire

dancing for our parties, he will be throwing a different kind of heat your way! 

Kurt is a fully nude model, so don't bring your boyfriend or your Grandma!

Meet our Performers

V is a model, dancer and knows how to shake it! Come to his party if your not afriad to 

play pin the pastie! Although V doesn't do fully nude events you won't be forgetting 

him any time soon (who knows you could have this much fun with your 

clothes on??)

team building


Our model parties all include one free drink to get everyone loosened up, before the model comes out. We do 3 short poses and one long one, play a game or two and have a ton of fun! At the end of the night everyone comes home with a  16"x20" studio quality canvas painting of the model (with help from the instructor of course!) Have any questions? Give us a call, 587-986-3618.

All our events are held at Kasbar on Whyte Avenue, Edmonton AB.