So, you’re a part of a team! That could mean a sports team, a community group, or a team of workers in a business. Either way, you’re going to have to learn how to work together (the key word being LEARN). Working together doesn’t always come naturally or easily. It changes with time, it can grow or diminish. Of course, we want to learn how to utilize everyone’s strengths and commonalities, and mitigate the weaknesses and issues that separate us. So, how do we get there?

Team-Building activities are a great way to build your team and there are many ways to go about it!

Look at the small business, Solis Wellness Clinic, located in Edmonton, AB. Every year they have tried something new, from a group canoe down the Saskatchewan River to cooking classes at Sorrentino’s. In July 2015, they chose Arty Party to host their yearly team-building event!

At Solis, the owner Barb wanted to do a Paint Party type event. Participants sit down with an apron on and a paint brush in tow as an instructor guides them through a painting. The painting is usually something that is slightly challenging (they chose a turtle) yet fun with bright colors. Some painted the bare minimum, others added text and birds and fish to add their own flare. By the end of the event everyone was laughing, critiquing and had bonded in new ways.

That is the individual-style event, where everyone makes their own painting. Yet, clients are encouraged to take it to a new level with a group painting. Each team member is invited to come up to a larger canvas, add their mark and enjoy the process and results. This way each member can see directly how their mark influences others, how to include previous paint put down and how to make a cohesive painting!

Of course, being creative isn’t limited to painting. Creating sculptures with traditional materials (such as clay) or non-traditional (such as reused cans, tabs, wire, cardboard, etc) can be equally as challenging and rewarding.

How do you start using creativity in your team-building? Here are 5 quick steps!

  1. Tailored event to your group size.

Smaller groups can endure more intensive activities, and larger groups not so much. In the case of very large groups, splitting people up and doing competitions can make things more interesting.

  1. Choose the right challenge

This can be… challenging! Is it going to be very intellectually demanding? Do they have to recreate a Picasso or paint a blue boat? Remember, sometimes the more demanding the activity the more fun it could be! Is your group comfortable with each other to be critical and poke fun? If yes, then maybe choose an activity that gets them really struggling- and laughing at each other’s (and their own) failures.

  1. Choose the right medium!

Painting is great, as most people can relate and reminisce about painting as a child. This is a great medium for a group of diverse age ranges as it builds commonality. Maybe you have a team of young tech savvy individuals. Why not challenge them to make buildings from a pile of reused materials? The building that withstands the elements wins!

  1. Set the tone

No event just happens to be great. It is set off with greatness, with positive attitudes. Make sure you ‘bring it’ and your team will follow!

We hope you have enjoyed our 4 steps to build your team using creativity!

Let us know if you have any questions or would like to build your team with us J

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